comfort through food

Through a most generous anonymous donation, Melanzane Guru will be donating a fixed number of delicious ready meals to needy households.

We fully recognise the needs of the poorest in our community, but the nature of our product necessitates, at the very least, an oven for cooking the meals and a fridge/freezer for storing them.

We also recognise that although the most impoverished communities are the most 'hard hit' by the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, that there are households higher up the income ladder that are also under significant financial strain during these times. It is here that we will be directing our efforts.

Our donation enables a contribution of 300 ready-meals which we will be distributing in 30 cases of 10 meals (5 CLASSIC vegetarian means and 5 MET VLEISH meals), and we will be using our local network to identify and deliver these meals.

The final decision regarding the recipients of these meals lies solely with Melanzane Guru, and the donation of each case of meals will be a once-off event.

We are eternally grateful for the anonymous donation and for the opportunity to make a difference in our community.