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Melanzane Guru Comfort Through Food Initiative

comfort through food

'Comfort food', it's a thing! We love it, we eat it, and we strive to provide comfort in the meals that we lovingly prepare for our customers.


Deriving comfort from food is, at its simplest, that warm fuzzy feeling you get from a tasty, nurturing meal. It's also the comfort of knowing where your next meal is coming from — a sense of security and comfort-through-food.


Our Comfort Through Food initiative began with a most generous anonymous donation from a benefactor who purchased a large volume of our delicious ready meals and asked us to donate them to needy households in our community.


We've since launched our Comfort Through Food initiative — With it, we contribute R2.50 from every meal purchased towards a fund for distributing more of our ready meals, at cost, to households in need. 


We offer you the opportunity to take part in this initiative while shopping on our website by adding a 'Comfort Through Food' item to your cart while buying in our Melanzane Deli.


We fully recognise the needs of the poorest in our community and that they are the most 'hard hit' by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, the nature of our product necessitates, at the very least, an oven for baking the meals and a fridge/freezer for storing them and we will, therefore, be directing our donations to households in need that can make sustainable use of them.


We are eternally grateful for the anonymous 'seed donation' which got us started and for the opportunity to make a difference in our community.

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